Yum...Cinna-Yum that is! What? Haven't you heard? Aunt Diane Cinna-Yum Cookies... take one bite and you too will understand why cookie lovers of all ages now prefer the Cinna-Yum over the chocolate chip cookie! It's a phenomenon that can't be explained! Perhaps it's that just-baked chewy texture, that delectable, unique flavor, or that signature crackled top. No, this is not the typical hard, crunchy homemade cookie that sits on the shelves for months. Aunt Diane Cookies are always made with the freshest ingredients, no preservatives, always soft and chewy - the way a homemade cookie should be. Life is too short to be ordinary. Chocolate chip cookies are ordinary. Grab a Cinna-Yum and be extraordinary! Oh yeah, and remember to SPREAD THE YUM! TM

In the late 1970s, I found joy baking for my parents and siblings in my family's kitchen. Making cookies, like making music, was a creative outlet for me. It was also a way of relieving the stress of my adolescence and an opportunity to sweetly contribute to the household! This was an immediate win-win, as making cookies made both me and all my family members feel good!

In the 1990's, I was delighted to share my cookies with my husband, children, friends and extended family. It always was (and still is!) heartwarming when I would arrive to the gatherings at Grandma and Grandpa's house and my nieces and nephews would run up to me exclaiming, "Aunt Diane, did you make your cookies?" Nothing is more satisfying for me than to see my huge plate of cookies being happily devoured by the people I love.

Today, after a decade of begging, whining, pleading, and ultimately convincing, I deliver Aunt Diane Cookies to you and hope that you enjoy them as much as I delight in baking them for you!

Life is sweet when what you do is what you love.